Low Pressure Molding Services

Ellsworth Adhesives offers comprehensive low pressure molding contract manufacturing services that combine the superior performance of Henkel TECHNOMELT® thermoplastics (formerly Macromelt®) with the versatility of Mold-Man® Machines. As a leader in low pressure molding, MoldMan Systems™ produces easy-to-use, energy-efficient equipment with a small machine footprint and completed parts directly out of mold sets.


Low Pressure Molding for Electronics & PCBs

Sensitive electronic components and PCBs are vulnerable to moisture, dust, vibration, and damage. Low pressure molding provides superior protection, using thermoplastics to create a custom, solidified material with no waste. Watch how Mold-Man® Machines transform hot melt adhesives during the low pressure molding process.


Ellsworth Adhesives Audiogram - Low Pressure Overmolding with MoldMan Systems™

Mold-Man® Machines & Henkel LOCTITE® TECHNOMELT for Sealing Electronics & PCBs




Mold-Man® Machines


Mold-Man® Machines

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate, requires no special training
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Ideal for high volume production
  • Single or 2K material capabilities
  • Table top versions available

Henkel Loctite Technomelts



  • Encapsulates delicate components
  • Excellent electric insulation and water resistance
  • Thermal durability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Improves productivity and total cost reduction
  • Made of non-toxic, renewable raw materials

Low Pressure Molding Electronic Application


Benefits of Low Pressure Molding

  • Protects electronic devices from heat, water, dust, and stress
  • Low injection pressure, between 2 and 40 bar
  • Precise meter shot sizes and flow control
  • Zero waste, all excess material is recycled
  • Products are made of natural materials


Low Pressure Molding Applications

Versatile and customizable, low presure molding with Mold-Man® Machines works for a wide variety of applications like circuit boards, LEDs, LCDs, batteries, and more. With the ability to create nearly any shape or size, manufacturers can design effective and attractive protection for their electronic application.

4-Conductor Cable Low Pressure Molding
RJ45 to Interface PCB Low Pressure Molding
USB Connector with PCB Low Pressure Molding
PCB with Coin Cell Battery Low Pressure Molding
Low Pressure Molding for Strain Relief
4-LED 2-Shot Low Pressure Molding Application
Wire Fixturing Bulkhead Grommet Low Pressure Molding
Lead Acid Battery Level Sensor Low Pressure Molding
Low Pressure Molding for USB
PCB Integrated LCD Low Pressure Molding
EV Charge Body Internal Frame Low Pressure Molding
EV Charge Body Internal Frame Low Pressure Molding


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