Fluid Research CM420 Dispensing System

The CM420 is a multi-component true rod, positive displacement metering machine designed for dispensing materials such as oils, extracts, vaping liquids, UV curables, RTV greases, heat cure urethanes, and epoxies. It incorporates a balanched inlet/outlet spool valve that delivers precise, controlled shot size and flow rates. It is abrasion resistant and can be easily integrated with other robots or automation.

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  • Positive rod displacement

  • One or two component variants

  • Servo motor or pneumatically driven for shots and beads

  • Manual or programmable shots volumes and flow rates

  • Single luer lock outlet or custom needle block

  • Volumetric output range from 0.07 cc to 7 cc (metering rod diameter dependent)

  • Available as a stand-alone unit or automation integrated

  • Can be fed from a variety of pressurized feeds sources such as cartridges, syringes, pressure pots, pressure tanks, or transfer pumps

  • Optional heated inlet block available

CM420 Dispensing System






0.07 cc - 0.83 cc


0.20 cc - 2.7 cc


0.6 cc - 7.5 cc



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