Dow Corning Rebranding

Dow Corning is undergoing an integration of Dow Corning’s business into the greater structure of The Dow Chemical Company. They are implementing a phased approach which includes a full ERP/SAP integration, website changes, branding, and documentation updates. You may start to see these changes reflected on product packaging and documentation.

We appreciate your continued business and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our Engineered Sales Representatives and Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you with any questions.  Please contact us at or call 1 (888) 458-0554.




Why is Dow Corning integrating into Dow’s business structure?

In 2016, Dow Corning announced the transfer of ownership of Dow Corning to The Dow Chemical Company and are now in the next phase of transitioning to the Dow brand.


Will material numbers and SKUs change?

The vast majority of material numbers and SKUs will remain unchanged, with materials numbers now being called GMIDs.


Will Dow keep the same brand products?

You will see most Dow Corning® and Dow Corning Toray branded products move to DOWSIL™ product brand. Other product brands (MOLYKOTE™, XIAMETER™, and SILASTIC™, etc.) will remain the same.


Are product names going to change?

The manufacturer name and/or brand names will change but the product descriptors will remain the same.


Old: Dow Corning® 9041 Silicone Elastomer         

New: Dow DOWSIL™ 9041 Silicone Elastomer

Old: Dow Corning® Molykote 106 Anti-Friction Coating

New: Dow® MOLYKOTE™ 106 Anti-Friction Coating


How will the branding change affect labels, safety data sheets and other documents?

Labels, safety data sheets and other documentation will be updated with current product names, the DOW diamond logo, and legal entity name and/or address changes.


Will there be any changes to manufacturing or packaging locations?

Production for some products will be changing operation locations. There will be no changes to formulation or material performance of these products. Below is a list of notification letters we have received.

Manufacturing Operation Change in Location - 12/21/2017

Change in Down Packaging Location - 12/14/2017

Change in Down Packaging Location - 12/7/2017



For more information and recent updates, you can visit Dow Corning’s Integration Information Center.


Old Logos


Dow Dow Corning Logo

Old Molykote Logo

Old Xiameter Logo


New Logos


Dow Logo

New Molykote Logo

New Xiameter Logo



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