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Ellsworth Adhesives stocks an extensive variety of products for immediate delivery. Acrylics, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, hot melts, silicones, urethanes, polysulfides, contact cement, UV curing materials, and full line dispensing equipment. You will have every advantage in terms of price, delivery, and tech support when you purchase through Ellsworth. Please see the list below of manufacturers' products available on our website.


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  • Stocking Distributor
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Custom Packaging
  • Complete Technical Support
  • Application Equipment
  • Custom Formulation
  • Guaranteed Shelf-Life
  • Application Engineering
  • Expert Certification & Documentation


Product Lines
3M    Scotch-Weld, VHB, Fastbond   Adhesives and Tapes
ACL Staticide        Static Control Accessories
Armstrong Epoxy        Epoxy Adhesives
Ashland Pliobond        Contact Cement
Becton-Dickinson        Dispensing Applicators
Bennett and Bennett          Static Control Materials
Bostik Inc.    Chem-Calk, Never-Seez, Thermogrip   Adhesives and Sealants
Camie-Campbell        Mold Release Contact Adhesives
Cox        Dispensing Guns
Cytec Formulated Resins    Conacure, Conap, Conapoxy, Conathane   Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems
Designetics        Precision Fluid Application Systems
Dow Corning    Elastoplastic, Hipec, Molykote, Silastic, Sylgard, Xiameter   Silicone Products
Dymax Corp.    BlueWaveDual-CureE-MAXLight-WeldMulti-CureSee-CureUltra Fast and Ultra Light-Weld    Acrylics, Coatings, Adhesives and
UV Cure Materials
Dynaloy        Solvents, Adhesives and Coatings
Eclectic Products        Industrial Adhesives and Sealants
EIT, Inc.        UV Process Control Equipment
Ellsworth Accessories        Dispensing Equipment and Parts
Emerson & Cuming     ECCOBONDECCOCOATSTYCAST    Electronics Materials
Fishman Corp.       Industrial and Fluid Dispensers and
 Fisnar     QuantX    Syringe, Cartridge & Hot Melt Dispensing Systems, Valves, Needles, Dispensing Robots
FMI Chemical        Aerospace Materials certified to meet PWA 404-2
FPC Corp.        Hot Melt Applicators
Glue Dots    Dot Shot ProEconoDotMatrXQuikDot Pro    Hot Melt Adhesive "Dots"
H.B. Fuller       Hot Melt Adhesives, Water based and Epoxy
Hardman       Epoxy Kits
Heartland Adhesives        Hot Melt Adhesives
 Henkel Loctite    AssureCureBlack MaxBondmasterEpoxi-PatchFrekoteHysolLocQuicMacromeltMulticorePrismSuper BonderTAK PAK,  Threadlocker    Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments
Humiseal    UV40   Conformal Coatings
IPS Corp        Acrylics and Plastic Welding
ITW Devcon   1 Minute Epoxy2 Ton Epoxy5 Minute Epoxy10 Minute EpoxyFlex-WelderFlexaneMetal-WelderPlastic WelderTru-BondZipGrip    Epoxies and Urethanes
KitPackers        Custom Packaging, Single or Multi-Component
Liquid Control Corp.        Meter & Mix and Dispensing Equipment
Loctite        CA's, Anaerobics, and Acrylics
LORD Corp.    Maxlok   Acrylics, Epoxies, and Urethanes
MicroCare        Surface Prep Materials
OK International        Soldering, Rework, and Fume Extraction Equipment and Materials
Panasonic        LED UV Curing Systems
Pam Fastening Tech       Hot Melt Equipment and Systems
Permabond        CA's and Anaerobics
Plas-Pak Ind.        Ratio Paks, Side-by-side Cartridges 
PPG Industries     Rapid-SealSemcoSemkit     
Precision Valve & Automation        Dispensing Systems, X-Y-Z Tables, and Spraying Systems
Resin Technology     FUSIONOXY-BONDOXY-CAST    Electrical Potting and Adhesives
Resinlab    Cynergy    
 Sauereisen       Ceramic Adhesives
 Sealant Equipment        Meter Mix Dispensing Systems and Fluid Control Valves
Sika Corp.    MultiSealSikaFastSikaflexSikasil    Polyurethane Sealants and Adhesives
 Sulzer Mixpac    MIXPACStatomix    Hand-Held Mixing, Dispensing Systems, and Accessories
TAH Industries        Static Mix Nozzles and Cartridges
Techcon Systems        Micro Air and Cartridge Dispensing Systems, Dispensing Syringes, Valves, Dispensing Needles, and X-Y-Z Tables
Tech Spray        Electronics Aerosols and Chemicals
The Glue Factory        Hot Melts
UV Process Supply        UV Curing and Test Equipment