Ellsworth Adhesives and Dymax Corporation Introduce New Products for Electronics Assembly




Germantown, WI - Ellsworth Adhesives and Dymax Corporation have jointly launched three new products for Electronic Assembly.


EMAX 903 is a UV/Visible light cure, solvent-free conformal coating with a secondary moisture cure mechanism. The dual-cure system ensures complete cure in PCB protection applications where shadow areas on high-density circuit boards are a concern. EMAX 903 is easy to dispense with standard spray equipment, fluoresces vivid blue for black light inspection. The product is in full compliance with RoHS Directives and is MIL-I-46058C listed, IPC-CC-830B listed and UL 94 V0 approved. EMAX 903 is manufactured by Dymax Corporation and offered exclusively through Ellsworth Adhesives.


EMAX 904-Gel-SC and EMAX 904-T-SC are high-strength UV/visible light curing adhesives formulated for securing vulnerable components on circuit boards. The products feature Dymax See-Cure™ technology which helps customers monitor the curing process. Uncured adhesive is tinted blue. Curing changes the adhesive to colorless. EMAX 904-Gel-SC is a non-slumping adhesive for use in applications where post-dispense flow is undesirable. EMAX 904-T-SC is a viscous, flowable adhesive for applications where controlled adhesive flow after dispensing is preferred. Both products are single component materials in compliance with RoHS Directives.


In describing the development, Jon Galaska, Electronics Program Manager for Dymax Corporation, characterized the new products as a significant development in the partnership between Ellsworth Adhesives and Dymax Corporation.


Roger Lee, President of the Ellsworth ESR group explained, "The Engineering Sales Representatives at Ellsworth are looking forward to introducing these ground-breaking products to the Electronics Assembly market. They are a perfect complement to our technology-leading product line."


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