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Kitpackers offers production packaging for adhesive manufacturers and other adhesive and sealant users. The company has been in business since the late eighties and was developed to meet growing industrial adhesive packaging needs. Kitpackers provides experienced technical engineers to advise you on all of your adhesive packaging needs. A variety of formats for repackaging can be selected from the many Kitpackers options. Ratio-Paks, Duo-Paks, Techkits and single component cartridges are the most popular for large volume users. Other formats such as foil tubes, Twin-Pak, Mono-Pak, cans and jars are available for select applications and products. KitPackers prides itself on excellence and quality control testing and inspection are standard practices for all of our adhesive packaging orders. Whatever your packaging needs may be, look to Kitpackers for precise, efficient and professional service.

Product services available include contract packaging for epoxy, urethane, polysulfide, acrylic, polyester and silicones, as well as original and private labeling.

Quality control services available (per ASTM specifications) include viscosity, pot life/gel time, hardness, lap shear, tensile testing and others per request.

ISO Certification
Kitpackers is ISO 9001:2008 (PDF - 256KB) certified assuring the highest commitment to quality processes.

Two-part Techkits
A disposable pre-measured cartridge system that internally mixes and dispenses reactive multi-component resins. Sizes available 2-1/2 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 1/10 gallon. Available in barrier or injection style.

Ratio-Pak Resin Systems
A side-by-side dual cartridge system for mixing and dispensing two component resin systems in a variety of ratios from 1:1 to 10:1 by volume. A variety of gun sizes are available that fit specific cartridge sizes. Ratio-Pak is a trademark of Plas-Pak industries. Systems II is a trademark of Techcon Systems.

Squeeze Tubes and Adhesives Syringes
Squeeze tubes, as well as disposable one- and two-part adhesive syringes.

Single Component Cartridges
KitPackers has extensive experience in packaging epoxy, urethane, polysulfide, polyester, acrylic, and silicone resins in a variety of formats. These single component cartridges can be ordered in 2-1/2 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 1/10 gallon and 20 oz. sizes for dispensing a wide variety of material from low viscosity fluids to heavy pastes.

Twin Paks / Mono Paks
KitPackers offers both Twin Paks and Mono Paks as an effective form of repackaging. Useful for unit dose application of one- and two-part products. Ideal for field repair kits.

Mix Freeze
For controlled shelf life, reduced health hazard and increased productivity. KitPackers will pre-mix, freeze and package most customer-specified adhesive systems into a variety of disposable syringes or cartridges. System components are thoroughly blended and degassed before freezing to ensure stability and performance.

Jars, cans, vials, foil tubes, etc.